Behold, THE ALMIGHTY BRAINS! Who has the brains? The zombies want to know! Hey, maybe you have brains. The zombies sure would like to eet you! Wait... Where did the "M" go? Who did that? What was that? Oh, no. That was just a bloody finger. A BLOODY FINGER!? IT'S A ZOMBIi


Zombie Artist

Hey, it da dombies here adin. We wike our kweaturs bwains. And we dus wanted to tell you that you don hav tu worri abowt d dood dat was mettagin you jud now. He is ded. Hey wait, don't tell them he ded! Hey, stop typin wut I told yu to sey to dem! Hey, how you mate de wettas doe uhwaey? Oh no, we trood! Dey dunna pind out we tookt his bwains! Hawwy! Hied da ebident!

Chance Trahan

Chance Trahan

Chance Trahan

Our kweatar iii da kouist! Yeah, he is! Who we talkin bout? Tantz! Oh, Tantz? He's cway-z good to us. He is. He dibs us bwains all da time. You dotta tum beck and chekk fo moar ztuffz about us in da neer foocha. Hey... Yeah? You dot bwains? No. But dey do.... Hmm... But we are not dere wif dem doe. Hey, our kweeata cuud maybe help us get there to them! They has bwains! Yeah! Wooou! YAY! He is pretty cool. Yeah, he is!

I twied to tell dem dat he wasn't here doe. Why are dey till trollin? I dumno? Why donchu askt dems? Otay. I will... HEY, WHY ARE YOU TILL HEYUH? ---- Well, did dey tay tumptin? IDK. Wow, dood! So, where is da bwaaiiinnnssss? IDK. Did dey dot bwaaaains? IDK. Well how tan we pined out? ASK DEMS! OTAY! Hey... does youuuuu has bwaaiiiiiiiiinnnssss...? Shhh. Tumbudy tummin. *bwaaains* Shhh. Sowwie. *FOOTSTEPS* Hmm. Why's it so dark in here? Good thing I have this desktop on so I can see what I'm aHHHHHHH! ZOMB... Yay, we dot hims bwains. Yay! Yay! Yaaaaaaaaaay!